WordPress Training

Do you have a pre-built WordPress site and want to learn how to maintain it yourself? Is your former website developer MIA? 

No matter what your situation or experience level is, I will teach you how to get the most out of your WordPress site at YOUR pace. Topics include:

  • Navigating the administrative sidebar.
  • How to add posts, including importing from Microsoft Word.
  • Inserting photos, including how to optimize them for the web AND the search engines.
  • Working with tags and categories.
  • How to hyperlink to outside websites, email addresses, and PDF documents.
  • How to evaluate plug-ins and widgets and the hidden “gotchas” associated with them.
  • How to moderate comments OR remove them completely
  • The security and backup plugins you need to keep your site SAFE and protected from brute force attacks!
  • Writing high-impact, SEO friendly, content.
  • Creating an editorial calendar.
  • Tips and tricks to help you optimize and maintain your blog.
  • and more!

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you with your goals:
817-922-9077 or paula@sosmymarketing.com