Low Cost WordPress Maintenance

We all recognize the need to ensure our website (aka our #1 online asset) secure and properly backed up to a safe location. However, you have better things to do than puzzle out online security issues or the most efficient way to back up your website data.

These same issues troubled me ever since my very first website was hacked, back in 2007. That scary and unfortunate incident led me to WordPress, and after much research, I developed a process to give me peace of mind knowing my site is secure and backed up. I would love to share my low-cost and simple process with you! 

How it works: 

Contact me for a free telephone or zoom consultation where I’ll advise you on backup-options and security protocols. If appropriate I’ll offer you monthly or quarterly maintenance services on a pay-as-you-go basis – in other words, I won’t lock you into an expensive long-term contract. Instead, I check in with you on a regular basis and let you know it’s time to update your site and ask if you have any changes or additions you would like to me.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you with your website maintenance:
817-922-9077 or paula@sosmymarketing.com