WordPress websites are built using Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS as they are more commonly known.

CSS was invented by lazy (bless their brilliant geeky hearts) coders who didn’t want to keep typing the same boring pieces of code over and over. Instead, they write the code once and have it cascade throughout the site.

CSS has many great benefits including:

  • Complete control over the look of your website
  • Site-wide changes by just editing one-sheet
  • Separation of the design and the content of your site

The main benefit when it comes to using CSS on your website is that it allows you to keep its content separate from its structure. This makes for higher content weighting, which helps your site increase its relevance to the search engines.

If you have built your site using a drag-n-drop builder, and it’s not showing up in the search engines this might be why.

Google and the other search engines love CSS because they don’t have to go through everything on your site to access your content…which is the part they most interested in.

If you have an old, out-of-date website that needs updating with the latest technology give me a call.