Social Media MarketingAre you overwhelmed with the amount of work required to maintain a successful Social Media Marketing Plan?

Don’t worry – you are not alone! Without a strategic implementation plan, and someone to help you execute the plan, your social media efforts aren’t likely to provide the return on investment you are looking for. Here is a list of the top seven social media tasks to outsource:

  1. Social Media Strategy, Planning, Set up
  2. Social Network Research (Finding targeted followers, friends, and a targeted fan base)
  3. Social Media Submission (Informational status updates, events, blog posts, industry trends, etc.)
  4. Social Network Integration (Ex: linking blog to Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)
  5. Social Media Monitoring & Measurement (ORM, tracking & analytics)
  6. Social Media Optimization (Keeping your message on track with rick keywords!)
  7. Social Networking Site Adoption (vetting new social networks to determine if they are a “good fit” for your business.)

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