If you send a monthly eNewsletter or run an email marketing campaign, pay close attention to the messages you send your unsubscribers.

This is an opportunity to salvage the connection and improve your online reputation. Consider offering them an option to receive FEWER emails or more TARGETED emails.For more great ideas, read this wonderful article published by Ed Henrich, on ClickZ:

Marketers Unsubscribe Practices: Good, but not Great – ClickZ.

The unsubscribe function in commercial e-mail is too often treated like the black sheep at the family reunion: they have a right to be there, but nobody wants to deal with them.

That represents a major loss of opportunity. The unsubscribe can provide a wealth of knowledge for marketers, who can use what they learn to improve their e-mail marketing programs’ efficiency and productivity, as measured by better deliverability, higher ROI (define), and lower list churn. Besides that, getting unsubscribe right, like communing with the family black sheep, is just the right thing to do.

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