Interruption_MarketingThe average person is inundated with over 2,000 marketing interruptions per day!
How are YOU communicating with your customers?

Are you blindly pushing your marketing messages to the masses with old fashioned techniques hoping they resonate with your target audience? Or are you embracing permission marketing (i.e. Inbound Marketing) methods and creating interesting content that your customers want to see?
Here’s a breakdown of the two different marketing strategies:

Interruption Marketing


Permission Marketing

Interrupting someone’s day in order to push product or services on them


Earning people’s interest naturally, without interrupting them

Communication is one-way


Communication is two-way

The marketer’s focus is on
making the sale NOW


The marketer’s focus is on VALUE
through entertaining or educating

< 10% of clicks on the web


90%+ clicks on the web

Powered by budget & repetition


Powered by creativity & effort





Gives quick results


Builds long-term relationships with customers

Easy to measure results (i.e. quick boost in sales)


Your messages are wanted and anticipated




Expensive $


Takes more time ∞



High ROI over the lifetime of a customer

Incites ANXIETY :(


Builds Trust :)





 Telemarketing Calls


Blogging and website content

Direct Mail Campaigns


Public Speaking

Unsolicited Email Marketing


Opt-in Email Marketing

TV & Radio Ads


Word-of-mouth & viral marketing

Pre-roll ads that play before video content


Video Content

Interstitial & transitional online ads that interrupt or delay the user’s selected content


Supporting and or sponsoring

events & Meetups

Throwaway Press Releases


Organic Press & Public Relations



Authoring Books and eBooks