Search Engine SpidersHere are two core concepts regarding Search Engines, which need to be understood before developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan.

Spiders and Bots – Spiders, robots, and crawlers are programs that scour the web and catalog information about each URL they visit and store that data in massive, interconnected databases. How this data is arranged and ranked is based on proprietary search engine algorithms.

Search Algorithms – the procedure(s) the search engine uses to retrieve and produce the information cataloged by the spiders. Retrieval and ranking of data are part of the search algorithm. There are many types of algorithms including list search, tree search, SQL search, etc…

Keep these two simple concepts in mind while writing your content and remember that while innuendos, colloquialisms, and slang are entertaining they may just confuse the spiders and reduce your page ranking. For example, if you are targeting 1970′s Barbie Dolls, make sure you call them 1970′s Barbie Dolls at least once and not just “those little darlings from my childhood”. Happy blogging!