Getting Started With Email MarketingIf you have read about the benefits of email marketing but you’re not sure where to begin, a good place to start is by answering some fundamental questions about your business, your customers, and your goals, including:

  • Who is your primary target audience? 
    This is typically the same as for your business, but don’t forget to include your referral partners, suppliers, strategic alliances, and your mom – she likes to brag on your success.
  • What are your goals for email marketing? 
    Increased sales? Increase brand awareness? Drip Marketing? To establish yourself as an expert in your field?
  • What type of content or free offer would entice your target audience to subscribe to your email list?
    Free tips? Exclusive discounts? A special report or white paper?
  • What ongoing messaging can you share with your audience that will be of VALUE to them?
     Information about your industry or field of expertise? Specials? Exclusive access/announcements?
  • Which email marketing program will you use to manage your list and messages? 
    There are multiple options in the marketplace including my personal favorite, MailChimp. 
  • How will you display your sign-up widget? 
    A separate squeeze page? A site-wide opt-in box?
  • How will you measure your success?
    New subscribers? Increased sales conversions?
  • What are your key benchmarks and how often will your measure your success? 
    Example: A 25% increase in site traffic or 15% increase in the number of direct messages from clients and potential clients. How often: after 90 days? Monthly?

Free Offer Ideas

One of the toughest aspects of starting an email marketing program is getting people to opt into your distribution list. A great way to entice them to sign up via your website is to give them something of value. I suggest sitting down with a business associate and brainstorming ideas. Here is a handy “seed” list to kick-start your brainstorming session:

  • Offer a free or discounted consultation
  • Offer an eBook, White Paper, or Special Report
  • Special Discounts or Coupons
  • Have a contest with a valuable prize
  • Write an industry survey and offer to share the results
  • Create a video series or interview series