If you collect subscribers via a “sign up widget” like this one, be sure to maximize this important touch-point with the following:

1)  Ask for a name and email addresses only –
Keep it simple! Folks are more likely to fill out a quick and easy sign-up form. Ask for other information (i.e. location, interests, etc.) after you earn their confidence via follow-up emails, surveys, or offline methods.

2)  List the benefits –
Add bullet points describing the type of emails you send and how they benefit your subscribers.

3)  Include a link to your email archives –
This serves two purposes: first, they can check out your content to see if it is going to be of value to them, and second, they will learn more about you and your business in the process.

4)  Include a link to your privacy policy –
Odds are very few will read it, but simply having it available will reassure the person signing up that you are not a creepy spammer.

Follow these best practices and you are sure to increase your email subscription rate! And don’t forget – if you use RatePoint to manage your email marketing campaigns they make it easy for you to customize your subscription page AND confirmation emails – you can even add your logo!