Top 7 Social Media Tasks to Outsource

Social Media MarketingAre you overwhelmed with the amount of work required to maintain a successful Social Media Marketing Plan?

Don’t worry – you are not alone! Without a strategic implementation plan, and someone to help you execute the plan, your social media efforts aren’t likely to provide the return on investment you are looking for. Here is a list of the top seven social media tasks to outsource:

  1. Social Media Strategy, Planning, Set up
  2. Social Network Research (Finding targeted followers, friends, and a targeted fan base)
  3. Social Media Submission (Informational status updates, events, blog posts, industry trends, etc.)
  4. Social Network Integration (Ex: linking blog to Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)
  5. Social Media Monitoring & Measurement (ORM, tracking & analytics)
  6. Social Media Optimization (Keeping your message on track with rick keywords!)
  7. Social Networking Site Adoption (vetting new social networks to determine if they are a “good fit” for your business.)

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Choosing Images for Your Messages

Images are a powerful part of your messaging but you need to choose wisely.

Adding pictures to your email newsletter, blog posts, web pages, and even your Facebook posts is a powerful marketing technique. A great photo will help draw people into your article, explain your message, and sometimes even evoke an emotional response. There are three general types of imagery you can use in your marketing 1) Custom or real imagery (best choice), 2) Stock Photography, 3) Clip art (avoid at all costs).overused-stock-art-guy

Stock images are seen everywhere. But are they good to use? Yes and no. We love them because they are readily available, professional-looking, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, the best photos, and the best looking models, tend to be overused. For example, have you met the most amazing man on the planet? I’m sure you have seen his photo…he is a successful tax accountant, business manager, AND a doctor. I call him Mr. Talented. (more…)

Keyword Research

keyword researchMost people rush into creating website content without doing any keyword research. Unfortunately hoping for the best won’t get you ranked on Google. And if you don’t have rank, chances are people won’t find you. Studies show 90% of the time folks searching online will only click on the listings on the first page of Google AND 60% of those click-throughs come from the first three listings! If you want to rank high on Google, it’s critical you know the right keywords for your business and optimize for them.

However, conducting keyword research alone isn’t enough –
You also need to look at what your competitors and the leaders in your industry are doing. The process of analyzing which online marketing tactics the most successful businesses in your industry are employing will save you countless hours of frustration and a lot of money in ineffective marketing.

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Which social media sites are BEST for your business?

Internet-Marketing-Options-Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Which sites are worth investing time in?
  • Should I learn Pinterest? Instagram? Facebook? What about Twitter? 
  • Would it be better to spend more time on LinkedIn?

Time is a precious commodity and you shouldn’t waste it on a social networking site that isn’t a good fit for your industry or business.

Here are five questions to help you evaluate which sites are going to give you the highest return on investment for your time.

  1. Is this a site my potential clients/customers use?
  2. Are my competitors active here?
  3. Does this platform have a sufficient number of users to be worth my time?
  4. Does this platform do something unique? 
  5. Is this platform a good fit for my personality and lifestyle? 

Example #1:

If both your target audience and your competitors are active on LinkedIn then there is probably a good reason why = it works for your industry, therefore it might work for you too.

Example #2:

Just because Pinterest is the hot new “kid on the block” doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of time there. If you aren’t visually oriented, could care less about pictures, and it isn’t a good match for your business, then take a pass.

The next time someone tells you, “You have to be on [insert social media site du jour here] to be successful!” ask yourself the ROI Top 5, and decide for yourself which sites are going to pay off for you.

12 reasons to love email marketing

Email Marketing ServicesI love email marketing for small business owners, low start-up and maintenance costs, incredibly high return on investment (ROI), and its efficiency. It’s quick, easy to use, conserves time (which always seems to be in short supply) and it gets the message across. Here are my Top 12 Reasons to love email marketing:

  1. Email is a multi-tasker – Once transmitted your messages can be shared, forwarded, answered, printed, or saved.
  2. No middlemen – your message goes directly to your intended recipient. Even busy, powerful people, who won’t ordinarily take or return phone calls will read an email. Plus getting past secretaries, receptionists, and other gatekeepers can be murder.
  3. To the point – Unlike face-to-face or telephone encounters that necessitate time-consuming preliminary “small-talk”, email gets right to the point and encourages brevity.
  4. Clear and precise – You can clearly convey precise information that often gets butchered in telephone messages, such as numbers/formulas, technical terms, URLs, or other links.
  5. Highly targeted – you can laser-focus on potential customers. Unlike print advertising, you can choose who receives your marketing messages.
  6. Ultra cost-effective – the average cost is only .08 cents per email sent without the expense of printing, postage, and design/typesetting fees.
  7. ROI – According to the Direct Mail Association the average ROI is $1 to $46. TV, Radio, Billboards and other forms of traditional marketing can’t even come close to this!
  8. Engagement – Its reply feature encourages recipients to respond with direct questions and comments. While you may not be able to meet with your past, current, and potential clients for coffee each month you can certainly stay in touch via email.
  9. Social Media – It integrates beautifully with Social Media channels. Many email marketing services automatically link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  10. Follow up – Email makes it easy to send short, gentle reminders of your upcoming specials and/or events.
  11. Increased traffic – By linking to content on your website you can drive more traffic to your site.
  12. Photography – A picture is “worth a 1,000 words” and often evokes an emotional response; with email marketing, you can easily add an eye-catching photo to your marketing message.


What is CSS?

WordPress websites are built using Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS as they are more commonly known.

CSS was invented by lazy (bless their brilliant geeky hearts) coders who didn’t want to keep typing the same boring pieces of code over and over. Instead, they write the code once and have it cascade throughout the site.

CSS has many great benefits including:

  • Complete control over the look of your website
  • Site-wide changes by just editing one-sheet
  • Separation of the design and the content of your site

The main benefit when it comes to using CSS on your website is that it allows you to keep its content separate from its structure. This makes for higher content weighting, which helps your site increase its relevance to the search engines.

If you have built your site using a drag-n-drop builder, and it’s not showing up in the search engines this might be why.

Google and the other search engines love CSS because they don’t have to go through everything on your site to access your content…which is the part they most interested in.

If you have an old, out-of-date website that needs updating with the latest technology give me a call.